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University guide: Life isn’t a bed or roses, so also is life in Nigerian universities. Life in the university is sweet and bitter, but it solely depends on the direction you are treading upon. University guide, for a bright student life in the campus is likely to be on the brighter side of life, while for a dull student, the reverse is the case. See also more on get involved in campus life | Most Powerful Tips.

All You Need To Know On Life In Nigerian Universities

life in Nigerian universitiesLife in Nigerian universities are painted with many shades of lifestyles ranging consisting of the good, the bad, the shy, the super active, the outspoken, the nerds, the boastful, the humble etc. Getting to know who you are and living your life, is very important, a better one at that. One has to be very careful and choosy in the campus, because the university offers one a wide range of opportunities for new experiences, groups, friends, ideas e.t.c Here are some useful tips on how to live the best campus live…


GETTING A LIFE IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIESHow do you say no, to a kind of lifestyle you don’t need when you don’t even have a life yourself? Let’s say for instance smoking, someone suddenly approached you with some cigarettes and because you don’t have any principles or laws guiding your lifestyle, you quickly surrender and do all the biddings they bid you to do. You don’t need a university guide note on handling situations. Getting to know yourself and what you stand for is very important, if you know your worth you won’t be easily influenced, See life in Nigerian universities is more by bad and negative activities going on in the four walls of these universities. Know who you are, know your worth, know your priorities and know what your life stands for. Having being your first day in the university, under going university guide, it is advisable you stay on the low.


Would you just awaken one morning and pick your luggage jump into a cab without knowing its direction or without you having anywhere in mind? C’mon that’s awkward. Especially life in Nigerian universities will pass you by if you don’t set clear goals, failure to set goals leads to procrastination and unnecessary distractions which may pull you away from the main aim of being in campus, unless you have other motives in mind. It’s a pity most at times we don’t know the reason why we are in school. Wondered why we have bunches of irresponsible graduates? Misplaced goals, misplaced priorities. As a scholar, or as the human being you are, it is important to have goals, they are the driving forces to success.

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To show thyself approved, it is important to study hard, the goal of every undergraduate should be to make a first class. Getting a first class grade just requires a little more of your time in studying, more of your time in attending classes, more of your time in doing assignments. Of course if you know the real business that brought you to the university these words wouldn’t sound alien to you, it is important that in as much as you make new friends, in as much as you socialize with them, you also have to balance the equation. Studying and getting acquainted with knowledge will make your stay in the university memorable. (MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE)


SHUN ALL FORM OF SOCIAL VICESVikings is one of the most and common vices found in Nigeria universities it shouldn’t interest you at all. Cultism and prostitution is the order of the day, which is even more common in today life in Nigerian universities. Bigger boys go about looking for young freshers to initiate them into their cult. Come to think of it, imagine your self in such scenario, someone suddenly approaches you and asks you to join their crew which you are fully aware is cultism, what do you do? Don’t panic, you can quietly show them you are not interested in a very nice way without causing harm to yourself. Also read Unforgettable Moment Short Story.

You stand a great risk getting involved, as it can tarnish both your image and your future. Who would want to employ a terrorist in his or her organization, and who would want to keep an individual with a bad record or history of illegal activities in a firm. For the girls they are easily deceived and so should be very careful and choosy in the type of friends they keep, remember evil communications corrupt good manners.

Show me your friend and I will show you who you are, your friends determine how bright your future will be.


Give to the bursar what belongs to the bursar and give to the malls what belongs to them, of cause you cannot rob peter to pay Paul? That’s so rude and awful. How can you be given money for fees and divert it to buy an Iphone and still expecting a replica of that money to replicate itself and become available for you to pay your fees… You expected to be wiser although, life in Nigerian universities is more like die hard series. most at times students make this mistake and it has cost many dearly, this act of procrastinating payment of school-fees may lead to missing scripts, no uploading of result and spill overs in most cases, to be on the safest side it is so important to pay ones fees at the right time. Purchase textbooks and handouts e.t.c when necessary.


There’s a magic that works for every student during exams, the magic of recalling classroom memories, attending classes and paying attention can scale you through during an exam in most cases. Vitally, life in Nigerian universities sometimes doesn’t require a rush bit take note. Some lecturers award marks to faithful students through attendance. What will you be doing at home or in your hostel block when lectures are going on, if you are in sound health? That’s a sure bad attitude towards education. Also click to view more on top 10 state universities in Nigeria.


University Guide
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Many people are regretting on their death bed today, the things they never did when death was out of reach, would you fall into that category? Who would cry, regretting on their death bed opportunities they never grabbed, Things they never did? Songs they never sang, Books they never wrote or questions they left unanswered. You can do wonders while in school, you can discover what no man has ever did, if only you would bury doubt and grab each and every opportunity that arises for you to showcase your talents and who you truly are. If you are reading this article ‘Life In Nigerian Universities’ as written by our finest writer FRANCA UMASOYE IGWE please give some share offering.

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