What are/is the most memorable moment of my life? The day which turned out to be the most memorable in my life, started just like any other day, it was a cold Monday morning, the first working day of the week, though our schools were still on vacation, we still woke when the chickens started their daily calls. Have broad knowledge on get involve in campus life.



As usual mama woke I and my siblings with her ring bell voice, her voice sounded like thunder, it makes you vibrate when called upon, and it was usually accompanied with papas which was like lightening. But that day papa’s voice didn’t accompany that of mama, we came out after series of shouting’s from mama. And I ran to the bush behind our house to pee, it was the usual ritual every morning to pee immediately I left the comfort of my bed. As I bent down to pee under the udala tree something swinged above my head, I looked up and what I saw was stamped on my memory till this moment… Most memorable moment of my life time is a tragedy, a story never too real to be told.

Some Shocking Moment’s

I opened my mouth to scream, but I screamed in silence, shock paralyzed my vocals; I began sweating profusely like our hot boiling fufu in a pot on fire. Papa was swinging on the tree with a rope tied on his neck, I don’t remember how long I stood paralyzed in shock, it was nnamdi who came saw the scenario and screamed which brought others trooping in until the whole neighborhood were gathered. An articulated story such as this one titled “Most memorable moment of my life” could be found more on this website also contact us for PDF essay.

Three hefty men untied papa from the tree and laid his corpse on the floor, mama wept and wailed while my siblings rolled and cried, I was the only one not crying, the tears were seated on my lids frozen. I just stared in empty space like someone hypnotized.

The Rolling Tears

When mama was calm, she was asked what happened… but tears spoke instead. The tears kept on rolling; her tears provoked the others into another solo of tears. When mama finally spoke she said, papa crept out of the house few minute before she started calling out our names, she said papa went out to pee and then another solo of tears began. I was still rooted where I was sitting hypnotized, unsure of what was happening, a dream or a reality I couldn’t tell. I slapped myself to confirm if it was actually happen. But my fears were confirmed, stood up to go into the living room and suddenly I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, the next thing was blackout.

How Most Memorable Moment of my Life in One Day

I don’t know if I actually fainted or fell asleep, but I woke up to see staring eyes in unknown faces, it was later I realized they were sympathizers who had come to sympathize with us for the sudden death of papa, but as soon as I dropped dead, their attention was diverted to me. It may also interest you to check this out “MY FIRST DAY IN THE UNIVERSITY“.

My uncles came, held a little discussion with mama and they carried his body, I think to the mortuary. That was the last time I saw papa, but something inside of me kept on telling that wasn’t papa, the papa I knew wasn’t one who would wake up one morning and pull the trigger to end his life, life they say is full of surprises but this experience was unlike surprises, this was shock. My mind still battles till this day why papa committed suicide, I have tried many formulas but can’t arrive at an answer why papa had to draw the curtain on his life… perhaps, he was tired, tired of we his children, perhaps life has become a scary beast or some sort of monster that he had to run away. Or maybe the devil led him to his grave. Series of thought ran in my mind, why papa would have done what he did. Papa left many questions unanswered before he left, making my mum a widow and we children fatherless.

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This experience gave me an edge to life, man is a mortal and will evaporate the surface of the earth any day, anytime, anywhere.



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